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Tags James T*d* Kirk*s*Khan Noonien Singh works

tags James T*d* Kirk*s*Khan Noonien Singh works

Khan goes into heat, but he's Khan, so nothing is simple. A variation of the ABO dynamic as an excuse for mostly porn. Written for the 2015 Happy_Trekmas Fest.
During the 5 year mission, the crew encounters a thunder storm that literally throws Khan at their feet. But this Khan is not the same they fought and the world he.
21 - 40 of 386 Works in James T. Kirk / Khan Noonien Singh Kirk finds himself on Rura Penthe, the Klingon prison planet (from Star Trek VI: The .. Some of the tags only apply to one or to some of the drabbles. Kirk thought he' d changed fate when he saved Khan from execution and his crew from experimentation.